Harwester ProfiPro

Profi 50

PROFI 50  is a quiet “Small Giant” designed for thinning and final felling. Its ergonomic and comfortable cab provides the operator with luxurious working conditions, excellent visibility in all directions and, most importantly, a peaceful and quiet working environment.

Get to know the new PROFI 50. This new model is technically advanced, stable (optimal weight distribution), economical, fast and flexible.

PROFI 50’s state-of-the-art PMC steering and remote servicing system is an innovation on a global scale. Get to know this incredible feature! You will be struck by its outstanding innovative features immediately. It doesn’t matter where in the world you and your machine are located, your machine can be steered, guided and serviced remotely from the plant. You are never left on your own if you want help.

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Engine manufacturer/type Sisu Diesel 49 CWA, 4 cylindry
Air intake turbo-charged, air / air intercooling
Cylinder displacement 4.9 litra
Engine power 120 kW / 2,200 rpm
Torque 700 Nm / 1,500 rpm
Fuel tank volume 267 l
Fuel consumption 7–10 l/h


Electronically-controlled, hydrostatic

Drive type 6-wheel drive
Drive pump 2 x 89cm³
Radial piston motors Rexroth MCR 05
Bogie motors 680 cm³ (2 pcs)
Rear motors 470 cm³ (2 pcs)
Tractive force 135 kN

Driving speed

The driving speed is controlled with a stepless pedal:
Slow range: 0–5.3 km/h
Fast range: 0-12 km/h



starting from 12,500 kg (when equipped for work), 14,800 kg (with liquid-filled tyres)

Lenght 6,450 mm
Width 2,650 mm (2,400 to 2,850 mm, depending on tyres)
Height cab 3,550 mm
Ground clearance 620 mm
Wheel base 3,400 mm
Front tyres 600/22.5 or 700/22.5
Rear tyres 600/26.5 or 700/26.5


Sterowanie hydrauliczne ramy.
Sterowane dźwignią.

Turning angle +/- 52°
Turning radius from the outer edge of the tyre 5.5 m


The hydrostatic transmission acts as a service brake for all wheels. Negative plate-compressor brakes operate as work and service brakes for all traction motors.

Frame structure

Box-type steel frame, the pitman arm is situated between the front and rear frames, and the horizontal joint is a round bearing. The crane’s chassis tilts in the direction of travel.


The cab is mounted on the front frame and has acoustic and thermal insulation with an automatic heating and air conditioning system. The cab’s noise level is between 51-70 decibels.


Voltage 24 VDC
Batteries 2x140 Ah
Generator 100 A


Turning angle 240°
Logmer (models) 10-90, 10-10 and 10-11
Reach 9.2–11.2 metres depending on the model
Kesla (models) 1395H and 13105H
Reach 9.5–10.5 metres depending on the model


Load-detecting hydraulic system.
Standard delivery Pump Rexroth A 11 VLO 190 EP 2S
Operating pressure 220 bar
Output (max) 483 l/min. / 2,500 rpm
Hydraulic system volume 350 l
Hydraulic oil tank volume 150 l

Harvester head

AFM, Kesla, Keto, LogMax, SP, Waratah or other manufacturer according to customer specification.

Measuring device

Motomit PC or Motomit IT

Standard accessories

Automatic heating / air conditioning device
Dry powder extinguisher (2 pcs)
Stereo radio / CD player

Optional accessories

  • Osłony przeciwsłoneczne kabiny
  • Apteczka
  • reflektory ksenonowe
  • system spryskiwania pni
  • łańcuchy kół
  • klupa do kalibracji
  • lodówka elektryczna
  • Ogrzewanie postojowe, Webasto
  • Centralne smarowanie żurawia
  • System nawigacyjny
  • kompresor powietrza
  • kamera cofania
  • Wycieraczka z dłuższym piórem (1200 mm)
  • lemiesz przedni do pracy w stromym terenie
  • Opony wypełnione cieczą
  • System Gaśniczy
  • Elektryczna pompa próżniowa
  • Elektryczna pompa napełniania oleju hydraulicznego
  • Elektryczna pompa tankowania paliwa
  • akcesoryjne rolki głowicy
  • elektroniczny transfer danych
  • znakowanie drewna kolorem
  • Opony z serii 700