Tractor processor NIAB

5 – 15 C

The NIAB 5 – 15 C tractor processor is an extremely versatile appliance and all foresters will appreciate its potential. It improves capacity and boosts forest output by minimizing the area lost to strip roads. It will also handle the heaviest and most dangerous operations at very reasonable investment cost.

After the trees have been felled manually, the processor winch simply hauls them in. The processor is then used for handling, limbing, bucking and sorting the timber into different piles.

NIAB is simple to handle, is reliable and easy to service. It is a sturdy machine that can manage anything from initial clearing to final felling of trees with stem diameters of up to 50 cm.

The NIAB 5 – 15 can easily be hitched to any agricultural tractor. The processor has its own hydraulic system, which is driven by a robust pump and there is a gearbox designed for connecting directly to the tractor power take – off, which eliminates the transmission shaft.

 NIAB has a high capacity and features a number of technical refinements that enhance its working efficiency. The NIAB 5 – 15 is equipped with a powerful hydraulic winch. Hauling-in can be controlled either remotely by radio control or locally from the control panel. The winch effort is 2,5 tones. Other features include for example a built-in boom extension cylinder with damping at both limits of travel, built-in saw with integrated lubricating pump and fixed saw motor, large 60-litre hydraulic oil tank and one adjustable control panel for optimum working position.

NIAB 5 – 15 C is described as an automatic version equipped with length and diameter meters as well as a steering system with nine pre-selection options. The length of the cut can be chosen with either plus or minus bottoms on the maneuvering panel. Manual pre-selections can still be chosen.

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Width 2.45 m
Height 2.3 m
Lenght 2 m
Weight 1050 kg
Chain bar 18 "sup>3
Saw capacity 18 / 25 kW/hk
Chain partition 0.404 "
Chain speed 40 m/sek
Working angle 75 °
Lenght winch wire 40 m
Diameter winch wire 8 mm
Max. Pulling power hydralic winch 2.5 t
Max. Lumber diameter 500 mm
Stroke lenght stroke feeder 1520 mm
Average speed stroke feeder 1.5 m/sek
Delimbing pressure 110 bar
Nominal hydraulic oil flow 60 kg
Nominal PTO speed 400 kg
Power need 30 / 40
Electrical provision 12 V - 16 A
Volume hydraulic oil tank 65 l
typ_oleju_hydrauliczny Hydraulolja 32