Hook lift trailer BIGAB

B 14 – 17

BIGAB 14–17 is basically the same as the 12-15 but is the perfect choice if you require a fully equipped variant, offering excellent return on your investment. This trailer is the obvious choice for transporting heavy loads over long distances; it is a trailer that rides well even on the poorest of roads. 14-17 is equipped as standard with a sprung 17 tonne pendulum bogie, hydraulic load transfer cylinder, hydraulic control between tipping and exchange modes, electric control valve for the hydraulic functions (pressure and free return) with a control unit in the cab for convenient application of the functions. In addition, two double-action auxiliary functions can be added.

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Trailer dimensions | Matrix

Bogie type Mech. pendulum bogie
Standard tyres 500/50 - 17
Requisite tractor hydraulics
1 brake outlet
1 double action
Oil volume
Minimum available oil volume, with full system
10 l
Chassi weight
Standard equipment
2 900 kg
Chassi lenght 5.7 m
Width across wheels 2.4 m
Total weigth 17 000 kg
Max load exchange including container bridge 14 000 kg
Max load during container bridge exchange 14 000 kg
Load on tow eye
Depending in the position of the container
1 600 - 2 500 kg
Max tipping capacity 14 000 kg