Hook lift trailer BIGAB

B 15 – 19

BIGAB 15–19 is a faithful servant and continues to be one of our most popular models with huge numbers of satisfied customers. Its areas of use are numerous, ranging for agriculture, large industries and refuge disposal to installation and construction work. This variant is perfect for those requiring a large trailer for a variety of transportation needs. It can be combined with truck transport. A foldable tower and a strong frame combined with a simple design provide it with high capacity and excellent reliability. Extra equipment and a choice of tyres are available. It is designed for 5,500-6,000 mm container bridge length.

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Trailer dimensions | Matrix

Bogie type Mech. pendulum bogie
Standard tyres 500/60 - 22.5
Requisite tractor hydraulics
1 brake outlet
1 double action
Oil volume
Minimum available oil volume, with full system
18 l
Chassi weight
Standard equipment
4 100 kg
Chassi lenght 7.3 m
Width across wheels 2.45 m
Total weigth 20 100 kg
Max load exchange including container bridge 16 000 kg
Max load during container bridge exchange 16 000 kg
Load on tow eye
Depending in the position of the container
2 600 - 3 500 kg
Max tipping capacity 16 000 kg