Hook lift trailer BIGAB

B 20 – 24

Strong, economic design and good value for money are terms well fitted to the BIGAB 20-24; the trailer for those with heavy-duty transportation needs. Its many areas of use range from, for example, grit and sand transportation to crop harvesting.  It can also be combined with truck transport. A strong pendulum bogie is fitted as standard equipment. There are several suspension alternatives available as optional equipment. There is also a wide range of tyres available to adapt the trailer perfectly for its task. In addition it is equipped with hydraulic control between tipping and exchange, hydraulic bogie blocking, half front and rear mudguards as well as an electric control valve for the hydraulic functions (pressure and free return) with a control unit in the cab for convenient use of all the trailer’s functions. Two extra auxiliary functions can also be installed. The exchange system has a extending tower, which makes it possible to handle and tip container bridges between 5,500-6,500 mm long.

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Trailer dimensions | Matrix

Bogie type Mech. pendulum bogie
Standard tyres 600/50 - 22.5
Requisite tractor hydraulics
1 brake outlet
1 double action
Oil volume
Minimum available oil volume, with full system
23 l
Chassi weight
Standard equipment
4 500 kg
Chassi lenght 7.8 m
Width across wheels 2.66 m
Total weigth 24 500 kg
Max load exchange including container bridge 20 000 kg
Max load during container bridge exchange 20 000 kg
Load on tow eye
Depending in the position of the container
2 600 - 3 500 kg
Max tipping capacity 20 000 kg