Crane Farma

4,6 metre crane D

C 4,6 D is built as C 4,6 S but with 4 pistons on the turn house (instead as the S model which has two pistons) which provides a more viable and twice as powerful crane. Chose this crane model if you deal with more timber and work in hilly terrain.

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Crane dimensions | Schemat podnoszenia


Lift capacity net 23 kNm
Slewing torque 8.8 kNm
Slewing angle 360 °
Reach 4.6 m
Recommended Oil flow 20 - 50 l/min
Working pressure 175 bar
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,12 / Weight of crane* 581/510
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,16 / Weight of crane* 602/510
Lifting force kg full length (excl. grapple/rotator) 475
* Weight kg incl. grapple, link, rotator